Offshore Merchant Accounts

What is An Offshore merchant Account Service?

We know very well about the Merchant Account Services. All we need is to understand The term “offshore”. Well, It is a type of account for a merchant in a non-resident country. So, it is a direct account but not a domestic account. It helps the merchant to process payments through their website and allows them in making a transaction and process their sale. It offers and contains all the features just like the regular and domestic merchant account. There can also be both the categories which support High-risk Business and Low risk Business.

Often people consider that offshore merchant account is for High Risk Businesses or for such businesses that cannot get approval by their domestic banks. But this is not the case it is only the location making difference because the bank approving the business is not a domestic bank.

Its Also known as an international merchant account, and in this Context we can say that its especially beneficial for multinational or international merchant. And therefore Offshore merchants Can Sell products to their Customers from different and many Countries Online and provide them solution for Credit card Debit card Processing and even in their own country currency.

International Merchant Accounts empower online businesses with the safety and effectiveness of credit cards. Global payment solutions yielded by these accounts enable merchants to accept multiple currencies of different denominations from their global clients over the internet. International merchant accounts assist in conducting overseas transactions but they aren’t always provided to client businesses operating beyond France, Germany, Italy, UK and US.

Document Checklist to Get an Account with us for Offshore Merchant Accounts:
Website Requirements
  • Clear Information on products and services
  • Secure Check out
  • Card Brand Logos
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy and Refund-Return Policy
  • Customer Service Info
Personal Documents
  • Owner’s Driving license
  • 4 Months Personal Bank Statement
  • Personal Tax Returns
Business Documents
  • Articles of Incorporation of the Business
  • EIN -IRS Document (Federal Tax ID)
  • Business Bank Letter or Void Check
  • 6 Months Business Bank Statements
  • 4 Months Processing Statements
  • Business Tax Returns
Securcharge’s Offshore merchant Services

Since Securcharge started making its presence felt in the market Things have changed. We are a credit-card processing company serving high-profile clients in more than 10 nations worldwide. Merchant acquiring banks in each of these countries have made it easier for us develop such a strong payment processing platform. A majority of online offshore businesses can now avail international merchant accounts due to this merchant acquiring collaboration. Currently, Securcharge accounts for innumerable international merchant accounts indulging in processing of payments involving multiple currencies. Payments involving such currencies are beneficial for both moto and online business across 50 nations. An entirely new experience involving credit cards is delivered by this feature.

Use Specific Features

You’ll be able to utilize specific features once you open your international merchant account with us. Such features may include features for screening frauds, virtual merchant management center and shopping cart software.