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Welcome to Securcharge, where we bring you the ultimate solution for hassle-free banking with our revolutionary UnionPay card. Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of traditional cash withdrawals from banks and the intrusive questioning by bankers. With the Securcharge UnionPay card, available exclusively on our website, you can access your cash without stepping foot into a bank and experience a seamless, secure, and convenient banking experience. Let’s dive into the numerous benefits of the Securcharge UnionPay card and how it can revolutionize the way you manage your finances.

UnionPay card

1. Unmatched Convenience and Accessibility:

The Securcharge UnionPay card offers unparalleled convenience by providing you access to your funds anytime, anywhere. Our extensive network of ATMs and partner banks ensures that you can withdraw cash wherever you are, be it in your hometown or during your travels abroad. Experience the freedom of instant access to your cash without worrying about bank operating hours or ATM queues.

2. Privacy and Security at the Forefront:

At Securcharge, we prioritize your privacy and security. Our UnionPay card incorporates state-of-the-art security features, including advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard your financial transactions. Rest assured that your sensitive information remains protected from potential threats, providing you with peace of mind during every transaction.

3. Bypassing Intrusive Questions:

Tired of bankers bombarding you with questions when you need to withdraw larger sums of cash? With the Securcharge UnionPay card, you can say goodbye to those unwanted inquiries. Enjoy the freedom to withdraw your funds without facing any prying questions, ensuring a discreet and hassle-free banking experience.

4. High Card Withdrawal Limits:

Securcharge empowers you with high card withdrawal limits, allowing you to access a substantial amount of cash when needed. Whether it’s for a major purchase or an emergency, our card gives you the flexibility to withdraw larger sums without the typical limitations imposed by traditional banking methods.

5. Virtual Bank Account Included:

With the Securcharge UnionPay card, you get more than just a payment card; you receive a virtual bank account too. This account allows you to deposit as much money as needed, providing a secure and reliable way to store your funds. You can conveniently access your virtual bank account through your UnionPay card, giving you unparalleled control over your finances at your fingertips.


The Securcharge UnionPay card available at is your ticket to a simplified and hassle-free banking experience. Enjoy the unmatched convenience, security, and global acceptance of our UnionPay card, while bypassing intrusive questions and accessing your funds without visiting a bank. With high card withdrawal limits and a virtual bank account included, you gain the ultimate financial flexibility and control. Join us today and experience a new era of accessible and secure financial transactions with the Securcharge UnionPay card.